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Insulation Removal on the Treasure Coast

Removing insulation may seem to be a very simple task, and you may want to do it yourself. But removing old insulation can be very complicated if done without the proper tools and knowledge of risks. It can be difficult to navigate your attic because you’ll have to crawl to prevent damaging the ceiling. With little crawl space, attics are frequently cramped, have dim lighting, and are difficult to reach. They can also get extremely hot, resulting in heat-related illnesses if you aren’t careful enough. When you combine all of these, you have a formula for a challenging job that is best left to specialists who are trained to handle it.


 Air one Attic Insulation offers you to do the same at a very reasonable price. Our team does this job for you with great expertise while you sit and sip your drink.


Common Reasons insulation is removed & replaced.

WATER & STORM DAMAGE: Heavy rains, flooding, and runoff from Ontario’s harsh winters can leak through ancient roofs and soak some types of insulation, causing damage and necessitating removal and replacement. 

SMOKE DAMAGE: If there is a fire on the premises, smoke may cause damage to your insulation, especially in the attic where smoke rises. It must then be thoroughly removed in order to remove the remaining odour of smoke from the home and replaced with new insulation.

INFESTATION OF PESTS AND ANIMALS: In order to make their nests in attics and basements, rodents, insects, and other wildlife may have destroyed your insulation.

CHANGES IN THE STRUCTURE: Because renovation projects entail tearing down walls and constructing new spaces, removing insulation from your attic or roof may be necessary if you’re adding cathedral ceilings and need to restructure your attic or roof.

Why Choose Air One Attic Insulation

Our Process

Call Air one Attic Insulation right away if you wish to or suspect you need to remove your attic insulation. We’ll set up a time to come to your house and do a complete inspection to determine the state of your attic insulation.

We will recommend our attic insulation removal services if we discover damaged or squeezed insulation. To properly suction insulation, dust, and debris into a large-volume filter bag, we use sophisticated, high-powered vacuums.

Our experts are trained to spot hazardous items such as asbestos or obsolete fibreglass products, and we use protective gear to keep our crew safe. We’ve conducted countless attic insulation removal tasks, so you can trust that we’ll do it safely and efficiently.

Our Process

If you leave the insulation in your attic with the droppings, it will carry part of the toxicity with it. Not only will removing old insulation and replacing it with new ones rid your home of rodent infestations and mould, but it will also enhance its energy efficiency and general air quality.

Yes, some materials are capable of doing so. When professionally installed, cellulose can be totally recovered and utilised on site, resulting in very little waste. Fiberglass insulation is another material that may be reused and is recyclable after the first installation.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 45 percent of a typical homeowner’s utility bill comprises heating and cooling costs. You can save up to 50 percent on your energy bills.


Insulation Removal

Our attic cleaning technicians will remove all old insulation and trash from your attic before installing new insulation.

Insulation Replacement

Replacement insulation necessitates the same level of attention to detail as new insulation installation, and we provide this expertise on every job.


We try to recycle outdated insulation materials whenever possible. If this isn't possible, we make every effort to dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Insulation Removal

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When it comes to insulation removal, our skilled service team has the knowledge, tools, and reputation you need.

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We’ll make your place as relaxing as possible.

Improve the Air Quality Removing your current insulation and replacing with new fresh insulation will give you cleaner air in your home.

Lowering your energy bills Insulation can help you save a lot of money on your energy expenses!

Reduced mold growth Your attic may be gathering moisture, which leads to mould growth, if you have insufficient insulation or old insulation that isn't up to today's standards.

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